Anonymous: What would Mark, Yugyeom, and Jr do if they thought you were ignoring them because you didn't talk to them but you were actually just on voice rest ><

Mark and Yugyeom would be similar, both men following you around like lost little puppies, asking why you weren’t talking to them. “Did I do something wrong? Say something? Do I smell?” They would ask so many questions to figure out why in the world you were refusing to speak to them because without being able to talk to you, they would be at a complete and utter loss. “Babe~” they would coo, arms wrapping around your waist from behind as they lean their chin on your shoulder; “Just talk to me, I miss hearing your lovely voice~!” After a while, you would have no choice but to grab a pen and pad of paper, scribbling down that you weren’t ignoring them but resting your voice. At this explanation, they would nod, their lips forming an ‘O’, “Ah… I’m glad you’re not mad at me, then!” They would exclaim, quickly taking you in for a big hug and maybe even a little kiss.

"It’s like talking to a wall…" Jr. would mumbled, frowning as he maneuvers his head to look at you across the couch. He would be well aware that there was nothing he could have done to make you angry enough to ignore him, but he would press at the issue anyway. “I’m sorry if I did something to make you upset,” he would apologize, his expression showing the upsettedness that he was feeling at being ignored. He would huff out a sigh before scooting closer to you, “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt your feelings or anything, did I?” At this, there would be no way that you could ignore the little cutie anymore and you’d at least have to whisper to him the reason for your silent actions. “Oh, I see…” he would mutter, slightly embarrassed from going on about making you upset himself but he would almost immediately express his worry for you to hurry and make your voice better!

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